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Gary Palmer Jr.

Gary Palmer Jr., Digital Marketing Manager | Director, Digital Strategy

Gary Palmer Jr.

Digital Marketing Director

Accomplished B2B and B2C (online / web / digital) technical marketing and business professional. I am a strategic and creative marketer with a strong IT and Web background. I successfully manage and coordinated websites, SEO, SEM, marketing, advertising, and technology programs, while incorporating information systems and information technology services.

I was developing front-end HTML / CSS websites before 1999; and began working as an SEO, before Google or Bing ever existed, for SERP’s such as Yahoo!, Excite, Lycos, and “Ask Jeeves”.

A Website will Rank high on Google, Bing, and other search engines, for each Website’s own merit, not on the BlackHat SEO spam that passes PageRank.

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Reviews & Testimonials

Gary has a great understanding of how digital marketing and technology can overlap to produce creative solutions for enterprise. He is always up to date on techniques and trends in the industry, and willing to share with the group, and mentor anyone with what he knows. Gary would be a great asset for any team looking for someone with a strong skill set in web planning, digital marketing, SEO, and project management.Patrick Donnelly
I had the opportunity to work with Gary at Revel Systems. Gary's constant enthusiasm, positivity, and forward thinking helped the marketing team to grow exponentially during his time with the company. Gary went above and beyond the duties that his role called for. SEO is only the tip of the iceberg in Gary's skill set. Constantly searching out new trends and technologies, Gary is one of the most knowledgeable in the tech industry. His thinking is multi-faceted, and he can adapt instantly as directions change. He would be a value to any company that he works for.Seth Snyder
Gary was a pleasure to work with at Revel Systems. Not only was his strong work ethic visible from day one, but also his in depth knowledge of SEO. No matter what task was assigned, Gary was able to promptly complete it while always keeping the overall marketing and sales objectives in mind. As a sales executive, I was a direct benefactor of leads generated by Gary’s work. I would be excited to work with Gary again, should I have the opportunity.Matthew Miller
Gary brings energy to everything he does. He is realist and also optimistic all at the same time. Every time I got the pleasure to work with Gary he was a huge help in expediting the process and getting to the results quicker. He is a great asset to any organization.Alex Kane
I worked with Gary when he was at Revel System, and I was leading public relations for the company. Gary was a pure pleasure to work with; he was extremely responsive, always delivered information in a timely manner and was a great resource for SEO tips and tricks for PR purposes.Jamie Larson
Gary is a SEO/Marketing rock star. What separates Gary from other professionals in the field, apart from his extensive knowledge base, is his humility and appreciation. I've never felt more appreciated in the workplace than when Gary would tell me I'm "awesome." It's not just the calm confidence Gary possesses, but the trust you feel when speaking with him as well. I had the privilege of working with Gary while he was at Revel Systems, and let me tell you, this guy knows his stuff. While rebuilding and expanding our entire website, Gary was able to teach me valuable marketing tools that have helped me gain a better understanding of how to create effective marketing campaigns. He has helped boost my career to new heights, and I'm truly grateful for everything he has given me on both a professional and individual basis.Adam Morgan
I had the pleasure of working with Gary at Revel Systems. My team worked closely with Gary and the Marketing Department. Gary is very knowledgeable, a team player, and a natural leader. It was a pleasure working with Gary and getting to know him. He would be an asset to any organization or team.Emily Simmons
Gary was a valuable resource to me and the company while we worked at Revel Systems. In many instances I found myself struggling to collaborate with co-workers across other departments, but Gary would often stick his neck out and be more than willing to bring everyone together onto the same page to find the best solution as fast as possible. Gary is a great communicator and was vital to the efficiency of our operation.Luke Walters
Gary was an All Star at Revel. He truly drove the train that led to the sales team, which I was a part of, receiving as many inbound leads as we did. As If I was a business owner, Gary would truly be the first person I would look to to manage my SEO channel, as his tactics within the space are flawless and impactful. I would recommend Gary to any employer.Perry Dube
Gary was an absolutely essential asset to our team. His organizational skills pushed us over the top in bringing the entire team together in ways I'd never seen before. He helped devise and plan the entire Revel Website from scratch with myself and other colleagues, and his aptitude for what he does was apparent every day I worked with him. The conciseness of the plans he brought to the table every day were always very well considered. I would recommend anyone to work with Gary in the future, as he is a very good glue to any great team.Antonio Aiello
It was truly a pleasure, and an honor, to work with Gary at Revel Systems. His addition to our marketing team was a vast improvement not only in the overall quality and success of our website, but to our team's functionality as a whole. He's excellent at facilitating communication, and making sure everyone gets heard. Gary is sensitive to the needs of others and adept at recognizing team members' ideas and concerns. He is both highly organized and has an acute attention to detail--both of these skills helped streamline our team's work as a whole. Put simply, working with Gary is both intuitive and thrilling--his easy-going nature and organization skills make him easy to work with, and his enthusiasm and depth of knowledge make him a valuable coworker and a true asset to any team.Anna MacLachlan
Gary is a very passionate manager and always went above and beyond to make sure things were always done the right way.John Paul Meneses
Gary is a detail-oriented manager who watches the Google Docs spreadsheet like a hawk without losing sight of the objective. He is technically savvy. I have always appreciated his ability to listen to others, to communicate back, and organize well across many different tasks and personality types. Working with Gary, has given me new insights regarding web development, a different perspective if you will, particularly about SEO, keywords, analytics and how it all fits together. I have learned a lot from him, and I value his personal and professional opinions.Niklas Dahlqvist
Gary was such a pleasure to work with at Revel! His innovation and creativity to get the job done was so refreshing. SEO is his passion and I appreciate his excitement to educate others as well as learn from the group. I look forward to working with him again in the future!Stephanie Greenstreet
Gary is outgoing, friendly and wonderful to work with! He always has a smile on and his excellent work reflects his positive attitude.Kaylinda Mabry
Gary is a great marketing manager. His ability to understand the intricacies of the tech side of marketing and of all of our marketing campaigns is uncanny. He is reliable, dependable and smart. He is not only a great employee, he is also a good, caring man. I am so glad he's a part of our team.Bill Baren
Gary Palmer Jr. is who I want to be when I grow up! From the first day I worked with Gary, I knew that he was a skilled professional who truly understood search engines and web marketing inside and out. A talented strategist with both a natural knack for web marketing and a healthy curiosity, Gary was always on top of the latest web marketing developments.Dionne N. Walker
We worked on our Capstone project together. Gary was a teamplayer and diligent student, he really brought energy and great insight to the project.Stella Pidgeon, MBA, CFE, CUCE
I had the pleasure of working with Gary on our senior project while attending Keller Graduate School of Business. Gary is an excellent communicator that knows when to lead and when to follow. When completing a large project with many components and a team, conflicts do arise. Gary acted as the voice of reason and worked to keep the team together and the project moving forward. I highly recommend Gary for his work and hope to work with him in the future.Kevin Monti, MBA
Gary is a great marketing manager with a sharp attention to detail and a quick wit to problem solve. He is also very friendly and you'll never catch a dirty look from him - even if he's knee deep in technical issues and you come to him with a 4-alarm fire that must be put out immediately! Gary is an amazing asset to our team, and I am glad to know him.Lauren Nickoloff
Gary is extremely organized and has an amazing ability to direct a project. He is clear in his goals for the project and delivers on time. He explains tasks and roles clearly and is great at documenting all the details.Jennifer Fowler
Gary is a total technical rockstar. Every time anything needed to be created or managed or edited it was already finished by the time we got done discussing it. His ability to project manage is also top notch, I have never seen more meticulously detailed plans than the ones Gary creates.Brian Driscoll
Gary did a phenomenal job when we were still working in the same Company. A man with great determination in achieving goals and targets for the project. He possessed a high-level project management skills in the field of digital marketing.Neil Sipe
Gary is dedicated, hard working, and a great team member.Lorena DeLancey
Gary is knowledgeable, creative and detail oriented. He is a pleasure to work with!Marianne Benjamin
In his role in Marketing, Gary did an excellent job assisting both me and the Department of Nursing with several different web-based endeavors. He frequently sought out opportunity and seemingly welcomed every challenge we presented.Lisa Brophy
I really enjoyed working with Gary at Highland Hospital. He was a great website support resource to my department with his technical knowledge and was easy to get along with - a great combination! He was patient, timely, and always focused on making sure we got what we needed. He willingly shared his knowledge to help us learn along the way. My only complaint is that he moved out of state!Karen Scott
Gary is a talented, creative, innovative, top of class web designer, and team player. He, in a demanding dead-line situation, assumed leadership of a project that enabled us to submit to the American Nurses Credentialing Center, a magnificent in appearance, flawless in its operating capacity, second-ever web-based magnet document. We received high praise and commendations for our submission. it could not have been done without his focus, skill and willingness to lead a first of its kind team effort!Tommye Hinton, RN, MSN, CPHQ, NEA-BC
Gary worked with the Nursing Department on many marketing and web initiatives. He is a good team member, listened to his customers, and worked diligently on meeting our design and information sharing demands. Gary was heavily involved in the production of a web submission of a document we used to achieve a departmental and organization recognition. The timeline was tight and Gary had to work with many people in our division to produce this information. He kept everyone organized and was flexible with his time to get the work done and allow us to meet our goal.Terri Nairn, RN, MS
I have known Gary for several years now. He is a very thorough, consciences individual who looks at the big picture. You could always rely on him to support your efforts as he is a team player. I cannot say anything negative about him as I would definitely want him on my team.Marie DeRosa
Gary is a systematic and smart manager who knows how to manage goals and the teams he works with. He sets a great example for everyone who works under his supervision at Penn Multimedia. He is a great team player and leader with a positive attitude. I highly recommend working and connecting with Gary.Poonam Bhatt/ Shah
During my internship with Penn Multimedia, Gary Palmer was an excellent teacher, mentor and leader. He was always willing to lend a helping hand and provide guidance throughout the SEO and Web Content Writing process. He demonstrates a thorough knowledge of internet marketing and true commitment to his job.Shea Hoffpauer
It was such a pleasure working with Gary because he always brought the best of himself to any project.... Talent, sensitive to timelines, pushing to complete a project to perfection even when the time to do so seemed impossible..... Our entire leadership team mourns his leaving Rochester.Laurie Ernest, MS, RNC, CNP
I was continuously impressed with Gary's ability to be flexible, and to maintain a sense of calm in critical situations. Resolve like that trickles down (and up) into all facets of the company. Gary was able to implement creative ways to do weekly and monthly reporting, to the benefit of the company and all employees. Gary is very skilled in communication with both clients and colleagues. I would not hesitate to recommend and endorse him for any position.Christiana Donahue
I've been continually impressed by Gary's energy, vast knowledge of business management best practices, and ability to stay on top of a field as volatile as online marketing. Gary is a very versatile and talented multitasker who has the drive to master many different disciplines related to internet marketing. He knows how to motivate others and inspire them to do their best work. Gary is also an excellent teacher, and equips people with the knowledge and training they need to succeed. He's a very capable leader, and his enthusiasm is contagious.Adam Bowers
Gary was a great manager to work under. He was very thorough and explicit with tasks that were assigned and helped whenever necessary with any troubles that I would run into. Gary is very adept and capable when handling search engine optimization and keyword research tasks. A pleasure and a thrill to work with him.Ryan Lessard
I have worked with many clients in developing their web or mobile solution. Gary was one of those client that you always want to have. His requirements were clear, his questions were thoughtful and concise, and even though he has to work within a committee approval structure, his responses and actions were always prompt and thorough. It was a pleasure to work with Gary, and I hope I get the chance to do so again in the future.Sarah Wimer, PMP® CSM
Gary was very proficient in web design, recommendations, and was more than willing to help achieve best outcomes. He always was willing to assist in last minute and urgent request in a very professional manner.Patricia Levine
Gary Palmer Jr created the structure for the web based document we submitted to the Magnet Recognition Program for our 1st designation as a Magnet Hospital. The document reviewers commented about the ease of use of our document, which was totally attributable to Gary's skill. Gary is talented, responsive and easy to work with.Jamie Philpott, RN, MSHA
I have worked with Gary in our volunteer efforts with Stand Up Guys, Inc. I’ve known Gary to be both personable and intelligent. We’ve needed to lean on Gary quite a bit for his expertise in matters concerning our IT needs as well as leveraging those needs in the most effective manner to market our newly formed Non-profit organization. I was impressed by the intelligence and diligence with which he did his work. Gary was always willing to jump in and commit to a task and complete it in the most effective manner. His attitude is top notch and always positive. Gary is a critical thinker that is always positively looking for a better way. He is not content to sit and continue a process if it could be done better. Stand Up Guys owes a lot to the efforts Gary put forth on our behalf.Rick Walther
I've worked with Gary numerous times and on numerous projects as his direct manager. His pragmatic approach coupled with value-added insights and inspired creativity led to the growth and sustainability of our company and diverse product lines. Under his leadership Em2 built an enviable position in the Rochester Region. Sharp, shrewd and driven encapsulate his personality . Gary is an inspirational leader who delivers time and time again.Dave Savine
Gary is a detail oriented project manager who is never afraid to get his feet wet with new and current ideas, strategies, and workflow structures. His ability to gather information and details is second to none.Jonathan Summers
Gary is able to see an idea from start to finish, and can execute the end result quickly and efficiently. His understanding of the internet and related technologies surpasses any other person I know. He is an excellent team player adding enthusiasm and positive mental attitude, adding tremendous value to any group.Scott Davignon
Gary is a tenacious and detail oriented marketing professional. He has good large scale vision and isn't afraid to 'pick up the shovel' to get things done. He values constructive feedback and continuous learning which makes him easy to engage with on projects even if they are outside of his traditional skill set.Adam Grossman
Gary is intelligent and hard working with innovative ideas. He is detail oriented and very creative. Gary works great as an individual and as a team member. He is respectful of others' ideas and thoughts. He also works fast and efficiently, and is not afraid to try new strategies or ideas.Danyelle Palmer

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